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This past weekend I had the opportunity to attend the Oklahoma Sugar Art show in Tulsa. This was my first time attending. The show is held with the Tulsa Fair. I had heard that but was not sure what to expect. Once you walk in the Cakes are on one side of the big building and the vendors are all around. There is a lot going on, Food, Music, Games, Roller coasters and much more. For us cake fanatics there is only the Competition cakes a few vendors and demonstrations. I went with Susie Araya we arrived Friday around 4:00p.m. and she did not finish setting up until 8:00 p.m. We returned Saturday to see all the cakes. Once we finished there was really nothing to do, I am not a fair person so we just sat looking at people pass by.I guess it would be nice if you could take your family, the kids would enjoy the fair but for us it was an 8 hour drive and there was no room in the car for someone else. ¬†There were tons of people this is a huge fair. Sunday was a crazy day, everyone starting showing up and it was almost impossible to look at the cakes the lines were full. The day went by pretty quick. We sat in the awards room early to get a good spot and stayed there until the awards began at 5:30p.m. This is my favorite part. I was amazed at the amount of prizes given to the contestants. I did not place but received a goodie bag earlier in the day with marvelous molds, first impression molds, Satin ice fondant, Fondarific fondant, Fondx fondant, Fat Daddio’s Fondant magazines and other items. I was so surprised that I received something since my entries did not place. Everyone received a goodie bag no matter what if they placed or not. Ok, back to the awards. Kerry was able to gather $200,000 in prizes and cash. The contestants kids and adults all received cash and prizes. There was a special award that she gave out. This award she got to choose who it went to. She picked Elizabeth Dickerson. It was really special, she has been through a lot and it was nice for her to receive $1000. Ms. Dickerson was crying and I was too. When the top 10 were announced my stomach was turning I don’t know why, since I was not competing in that category. I guess everyone wants to know who is going to win. Lori Cossou took Grand Prize place and Angela Chin from Austin took runner up.

Overall the show was great experience, I would return to compete. I just need to start with my competition pieces now. When you are going to start working on something important something always happens or you are too busy.




Me with Kerry Vincent

Rocio with Kerry


Me with Susie Araya and her Competition Cake. I forgot to mention she received Silver. Silver is just below the top 10 cakes.

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My entries at the show Semi professional.

Quincenera Doll Pregnant Mommy



Took Video of the show, Its on

Rocio Gonzalez