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Cowboy Boot Tutorial.

I hope you enjoy this quick tutorial on how to make the cowboy boots. I have used Gumpaste to make the boot. You can also use fondant mixed with Tylose.

Here are quick tips on making any shoes. When you cut out your sections let them air dry for a couple of minutes so the paste is not so flimsy and the paste has a little time to air dry. The paste will be slightly firmer and it will be easier to manage. You do not want to leave too long or it will crack when you shape it.



cowboy boot topper


The base of the Cake topper is a 4′ Round piece of styrofoam I purchase from the Dollar tree. They come in packs of two in the floral department. I cover this with fondant and glue a round cake drum on the bottom so It will be safe to put on top of cake. The number and details are all made out of gumpaste. This is a cute idea for a single tier cake or two tier topper. They can keep this for years to come.




You can find the Cowboy Boot cutters here.



You will need to cut out two parts of the top part. I used a quilting tool to mark the edges of the boot. I used a small container to help me make sure this part stayed in place and round. I glued the two parts with just water, you can use edible gum or gum glue. ( tylose mixed with water) the tip on just using water is to not use a lot. Add a little bit of water and let the paste get sticky once it sticky it will stick together very good.


Make sure the top part is positioned inside the sole. Later on we will paint the sole black so it looks like the boot is on top of the sole. 20141104_074609_wm


I use this rope of every baby shoe I make. just roll a rope and add to the top edge, usually this is on the very edge but I want to leave a little section so it looks like a sole. Make sure you add the next piece when the rope is still a little bit soft.


I have used the Katy Sue zebra print textured mat.You can find information about the mat here.  This mat is super deep that I was able to go back and paint the raised parts easily with a paint brush and gel colors.


Once you add the top part is really easy to round off with the rope underneath. make sure you glue with water or gum glue. I have cut the side pieces on a diagonal so when I place the back part it is not so bulky. Glue you last back piece and the top straps. Let dry and you are ready to decorate. You can always used colored gumpaste or Fondant. I did not have a plan for this boot but I am really in love with disco dust right now and that is the look I went for.


Cowboy Boot was hand painted with Americolor Gel Black diluted with a little bit of water. I brushed the top with a little bit of water and added the silver disco dust. the pink was done with Hot pink luster dust diluted with vodka or alcohol.



If you have any questions please email me or call me.

Thank you,

Rocio Gonzalez