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Learn how to create this Cute Baby Topper. I was reading the Sunday paper and found this picture in the coupon insert. I thought, this would be a cute topper, so I got to work and created this simple tutorial. The full tutorial is on my facebook business page.


This is what I was able to create with the inspiration picture I saw. I hope you enjoy this tutorial.

Christmas Baby TopperInspiraton for topper










Helpful tips..

I do use a glaze made of Confectioners Glaze and Drinking Alcohol or you can use vodka 50/50. I keep it in a container with a brush and I like to brush it on the finished product to give it a shine, on this topper I brushed it on the black and red and the white trim.

For Painting the eyes  I use liquid food coloring. If the color is too strong you can dilute it with a little bit of water.

If you have any questions please email me.

Thank you,

Rocio Gonzalez