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Here is a tutorial on the High Top Sneaker cutters. The cutters  come with instructions but it seemed some customers were having trouble and needed more pictures. I have created this tutorial and I hope it explains in more detail. I used Nick Lodge Gumpaste recipe and Wilton Fondant. I mix 50/50 and get a flexible paste that I know will dry very hard. You can use which ever gumpaste recipe you are comfortable with, I have been using this mixture for a couple of years and I am very used to it. It does dry pretty fast so you have to work quickly.

high top sneaker

The trick to these sneakers is to let your gumpaste dry a little bit so it won’t fold and it will stay upright when gluing the first part of the shoe. I just use water to glue my pieces but you can use gum glue. The second piece go ahead and glue it and let this for a while so when u put the top piece on this will not move and will be able to carry the weight of the top of the shoe.

I like to glue the top shoe piece to the tongue. It makes it easier to glue to the shoe and it will move around less. Be patient it takes a little bit of time to adjust and to dry the way you want it. I have used saran wrap to hold this together. You can use cottonballs, tissue, paper towels or what ever you have handy.

hightop sneaker

I have added extra steps to make the shoe more complete, this is optional. The best part of working with sugar is you can customize your work to anything you like. For the Shoe lace holes I have added a rim around the hole. I used Round #7 tip and the other tip is Round tip #10.  Around the bottom of the shoe, I have used a Jem Strip cutter. If you have the lines rolling pin this will work also. I have painted the show with gel colors. My sister’s baby had a swimsuit with this color combination and this is were I got my inspiration for the shoe. I wish I would of left the shoe laces white but I painted them with pink luster dust. I hope you have enjoyed this tutorial and would love to see your finished High Top Sneaker creations. If u have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me by email or phone.


Rocio Gonzalez