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This past weekend I had the opportunity to attend the Oklahoma Sugar Art show in Tulsa. This was my first time attending. The show is held with the Tulsa Fair. I had heard that but was not sure what to expect. Once you walk in the Cakes are on one side of the big building and the vendors are all around. There is a lot going on, Food, Music, Games, Roller coasters and much more. For us cake fanatics there is only the Competition cakes a few vendors and demonstrations. I went with Susie Araya we arrived Friday around 4:00p.m. and she did not finish setting up until 8:00 p.m. We returned Saturday to see all the cakes. Once we finished there was really nothing to do, I am not a fair person so we just sat looking at people pass by.I guess it would be nice if you could take your family, the kids would enjoy the fair but for us it was an 8 hour drive and there was no room in the car for someone else.  There were tons of people this is a huge fair. Sunday was a crazy day, everyone starting showing up and it was almost impossible to look at the cakes the lines were full. The day went by pretty quick. We sat in the awards room early to get a good spot and stayed there until the awards began at 5:30p.m. This is my favorite part. I was amazed at the amount of prizes given to the contestants. I did not place but received a goodie bag earlier in the day with marvelous molds, first impression molds, Satin ice fondant, Fondarific fondant, Fondx fondant, Fat Daddio’s Fondant magazines and other items. I was so surprised that I received something since my entries did not place. Everyone received a goodie bag no matter what if they placed or not. Ok, back to the awards. Kerry was able to gather $200,000 in prizes and cash. The contestants kids and adults all received cash and prizes. There was a special award that she gave out. This award she got to choose who it went to. She picked Elizabeth Dickerson. It was really special, she has been through a lot and it was nice for her to receive $1000. Ms. Dickerson was crying and I was too. When the top 10 were announced my stomach was turning I don’t know why, since I was not competing in that category. I guess everyone wants to know who is going to win. Lori Cossou took Grand Prize place and Angela Chin from Austin took runner up.

Overall the show was great experience, I would return to compete. I just need to start with my competition pieces now. When you are going to start working on something important something always happens or you are too busy.




Me with Kerry Vincent

Rocio with Kerry


Me with Susie Araya and her Competition Cake. I forgot to mention she received Silver. Silver is just below the top 10 cakes.

12074559_10207381788839498_6324138320056371025_n 12096023_621084731364525_2653109312634584014_n-2


My entries at the show Semi professional.

Quincenera Doll Pregnant Mommy



Took Video of the show, Its on

Rocio Gonzalez


12009803_614169442056054_3356372754466405723_nHello Everyone,

I have never made a Chocolate Covered Apple but had this great idea. I have been shopping at Hobby Lobby and Love this Gold and White Pumpkins with the Initials. Tried to make one with an apple.

Make sure you follow me on Periscope. This is an app associated with Twitter. You can broadcast live video and ask questions live also. I will be making tutorials on here.

sometimes its better to see the tutorials in action than to just post pictures.

I used the individual caramel but its preferred to use Peters Caramel. I also made another one with Modeling chocolate.

We do carry White Modeling chocolate from Magic Chocolate. You can find it here.

If you have any questions please ask.

you can see a video on here.

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I am using a Hard Resin Face mold to create these faces. 11905392_604284766377855_2314512358250331460_n


The key to these molds is to condition the mold with shortening or vegetable oil. Once the mold is conditioned the gum paste will release easily. I am using chocopan gum paste, this is the only gum paste I have found that gives me time to work on the face and does not dry up to fast and still keeps the shape. You can use any gum paste that you are familiar with. It better to stick with what you have worked with in the past because you know what you can do with the gum paste.

I use americolor gel colors and dilute them with just water to paint the eyes.

I hope you enjoy these short videos.





Cowboy Boot Tutorial.

I hope you enjoy this quick tutorial on how to make the cowboy boots. I have used Gumpaste to make the boot. You can also use fondant mixed with Tylose.

Here are quick tips on making any shoes. When you cut out your sections let them air dry for a couple of minutes so the paste is not so flimsy and the paste has a little time to air dry. The paste will be slightly firmer and it will be easier to manage. You do not want to leave too long or it will crack when you shape it.



cowboy boot topper


The base of the Cake topper is a 4′ Round piece of styrofoam I purchase from the Dollar tree. They come in packs of two in the floral department. I cover this with fondant and glue a round cake drum on the bottom so It will be safe to put on top of cake. The number and details are all made out of gumpaste. This is a cute idea for a single tier cake or two tier topper. They can keep this for years to come.




You can find the Cowboy Boot cutters here.



You will need to cut out two parts of the top part. I used a quilting tool to mark the edges of the boot. I used a small container to help me make sure this part stayed in place and round. I glued the two parts with just water, you can use edible gum or gum glue. ( tylose mixed with water) the tip on just using water is to not use a lot. Add a little bit of water and let the paste get sticky once it sticky it will stick together very good.


Make sure the top part is positioned inside the sole. Later on we will paint the sole black so it looks like the boot is on top of the sole. 20141104_074609_wm


I use this rope of every baby shoe I make. just roll a rope and add to the top edge, usually this is on the very edge but I want to leave a little section so it looks like a sole. Make sure you add the next piece when the rope is still a little bit soft.


I have used the Katy Sue zebra print textured mat.You can find information about the mat here.  This mat is super deep that I was able to go back and paint the raised parts easily with a paint brush and gel colors.


Once you add the top part is really easy to round off with the rope underneath. make sure you glue with water or gum glue. I have cut the side pieces on a diagonal so when I place the back part it is not so bulky. Glue you last back piece and the top straps. Let dry and you are ready to decorate. You can always used colored gumpaste or Fondant. I did not have a plan for this boot but I am really in love with disco dust right now and that is the look I went for.


Cowboy Boot was hand painted with Americolor Gel Black diluted with a little bit of water. I brushed the top with a little bit of water and added the silver disco dust. the pink was done with Hot pink luster dust diluted with vodka or alcohol.



If you have any questions please email me or call me.

Thank you,

Rocio Gonzalez

Learn how to create this Cute Baby Topper. I was reading the Sunday paper and found this picture in the coupon insert. I thought, this would be a cute topper, so I got to work and created this simple tutorial. The full tutorial is on my facebook business page.


This is what I was able to create with the inspiration picture I saw. I hope you enjoy this tutorial.

Christmas Baby TopperInspiraton for topper










Helpful tips..

I do use a glaze made of Confectioners Glaze and Drinking Alcohol or you can use vodka 50/50. I keep it in a container with a brush and I like to brush it on the finished product to give it a shine, on this topper I brushed it on the black and red and the white trim.

For Painting the eyes  I use liquid food coloring. If the color is too strong you can dilute it with a little bit of water.

If you have any questions please email me.

Thank you,

Rocio Gonzalez

DSC02659 DSC02642 DSC02645 DSC02646 DSC02648 DSC02650 DSC02651

DSC02653 DSC02656 Baby Sneaker DSC02659


I am pretty new to making videos and giving instructions, so please be patient and if you have any questions please email me.

This is the first part, I use Styrofoam balls 1.5 inch balls the rough balls not the smooth foam balls. I find that the smooth foam balls don’t stay in place while working with the gum paste.

Part 1- In this first video we are making the body using a Styrofoam ball, I use these balls to cut back on the use of gum paste, it also makes your figures lighter.


Part-2 In this video I am going to be attaching Legs and Arms to the Baby Giraffe.



Part 3 & 4-  We are going to be making the face, there are two videos for the this step.




Step 5- This is the last video, I did not go into detail on the eyes because I am going to post another video just for eyes. I have made some changes to the final Giraffe, I have added a small piece of gum paste to create a higher neck, so if you make this giraffe just add more paste and make the neck higher in the first step.  I am learning as I go also 🙂 I have also added the brown spots, tail, and eyes. I have also added some detail by coloring with edible chalk colors and added ribbon on the foam board.



I hope you have enjoyed these videos.

Thanks, Rocio

Here is a tutorial on the High Top Sneaker cutters. The cutters  come with instructions but it seemed some customers were having trouble and needed more pictures. I have created this tutorial and I hope it explains in more detail. I used Nick Lodge Gumpaste recipe and Wilton Fondant. I mix 50/50 and get a flexible paste that I know will dry very hard. You can use which ever gumpaste recipe you are comfortable with, I have been using this mixture for a couple of years and I am very used to it. It does dry pretty fast so you have to work quickly.

high top sneaker

The trick to these sneakers is to let your gumpaste dry a little bit so it won’t fold and it will stay upright when gluing the first part of the shoe. I just use water to glue my pieces but you can use gum glue. The second piece go ahead and glue it and let this for a while so when u put the top piece on this will not move and will be able to carry the weight of the top of the shoe.

I like to glue the top shoe piece to the tongue. It makes it easier to glue to the shoe and it will move around less. Be patient it takes a little bit of time to adjust and to dry the way you want it. I have used saran wrap to hold this together. You can use cottonballs, tissue, paper towels or what ever you have handy.

hightop sneaker

I have added extra steps to make the shoe more complete, this is optional. The best part of working with sugar is you can customize your work to anything you like. For the Shoe lace holes I have added a rim around the hole. I used Round #7 tip and the other tip is Round tip #10.  Around the bottom of the shoe, I have used a Jem Strip cutter. If you have the lines rolling pin this will work also. I have painted the show with gel colors. My sister’s baby had a swimsuit with this color combination and this is were I got my inspiration for the shoe. I wish I would of left the shoe laces white but I painted them with pink luster dust. I hope you have enjoyed this tutorial and would love to see your finished High Top Sneaker creations. If u have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me by email or phone.


Rocio Gonzalez

This is a real easy tutorial on how to make a lamb creating texture with a crimper.

     I hope you enjoy making this cute Lamb.
 Add a piece of white fondant to the eyes and then hand paint with gel colors or liquid food coloring. I use a small paint brush to add the eyelashes. Dust your figure on the cheeks and arms and legs, I added a little luster dust to the body.
I hope you enjoyed this tutorial. if you have any questions please email me Thank you, Rocio Gonzalez